Fusions and acquisitions    

We’ll support you in business fusions and ensure a continued and smooth transition while developing the best solutions possible.

Mergers and acquisitions transactions have a vital part in future-oriented business developments. Pending business successions, structural adjustments in competitive fields, consequent globalization and new forms of competition form the causes of business acquisitions and business sales. BFMT will advise you when selling or acquiring businesses on both national and international scales. Our expert team can offer years of experience in advising business during fusions and sellings in a variety of industries.

During acquisitions or fusions, oftentimes matters of law and economy or fiscal issues arise. Without expert help, it is almost impossible for management to respond to these matters.

Dr. Bernd Fischl
Partner BFMT Gruppe

Taking relevant law statutes and guidelines into consideration, we provide you with an individually tailored solution to seamlessly actualize your project.

Many years of experience and professional expertise are what characterizes BFMT. Through these, mergers, overcoming market launch obstacles or tax-load caused cutbacks can be turned into opportunities which can be used through planned fusions, mergers or business acquisitions.

Range of Services

Not only will we assume long-term planning and strategy development, but we will also help you reach appropriate potential investors and accompany you during Due Diligence with knowledge in taxes, law and business management. In addition, we conduct business reviews and support you with aforementioned advice during negotiations,  to ensure the best for your enterprise. In addition, we organize and review mergers and acquisition contracts and advise you in integration after finishing the project.

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