Start-up consultancy

We will see you actively into self-employment with comprehensive expertise.

You’re dreaming of starting your own business, but are not sure how to start or comprehend everything to be taken into consideration? Don’t worry any longer! We will come to your aid with depth-experience in business management, law and marketing. Why don’t you take a look at our funded advisory services?

Non-binding initial meet-up - free of charge

In an initial consultation without commitment we will try to get an overview of your company or your project, in order to be able to plan a sensible course of action.

Consultancy Focus Points

Evaluation of ideas

We will examine your business idea particularly with regard to operability and sustainability. During this, we will hold close contact with the founders of your business. This is the point when we’ll confer with you on whether your business idea is feasible and whether you’d profit from taking things further.

Business plan

In order to be eligible for funding or subsidies, you will require a business plan which will be presented to the respective financial institutions. We will aid you with our professional knowledge so at the end of the day your plan will contain all vital information to take your funding to the next level.

Financial and solvency auditing

After having developed a business plan, we will support you in the best possible way to use the financial resources at your disposal in order to ensure a bright future for your business.

Financial structuring

To prevent your financial situation to result in utter disarray, we will aid you in structuring expense and payment plans and sort out every financial item in our calculation.

Negotiation support

Discussions and negotiations with representatives of financial institutions sadly can quickly result in the end of your business plans if one lacks knowledge and experience in such matters, for example concerning interest rates. Of course, we also offer our support in such conversations, on-site if desired.

Risk and mistake prevention

In order to offer you the best possible consultation services, we will also tackle the matter of risks and common mistakes. Our philosophy is rooted in transparency, our goal is to enable you to build and/or lead your business with a good feeling and to feel prepared for what the future holds.

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